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RIPFIT was established by Andy Harlan after years of involvement in the fitness world. Andy has been training people for over 30 years. From his basement in New Jersey to the most famous gym in the world, "The Mecca", Gold's Gym Venice Beach, California. Andy has brought his own style of fitness training to theAndy forefront of the industry. With Ripfit he has incorporated weight training with core training, as well as sports specific training.

Overall health and fitness guidance is his specialty. Through his exposure to athletes, Andy has developed a speed, strength, and agility program unlike anyone else's. He has used these methods to help fine tune actors, athletes, body builders, and the everyday man and woman. Clients benefit greatly from his overall health and fitness guidance.

Andy originally moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. He is a trained actor and a member of the Screen Actor's Guild. After settling in L.A. he gained a reputation as a fitness expert. With a background in actingAndy he was a natural fit as a Hollywood trainer and began to work with many people in the entertainment industry. He has worked with actors from the television shows, CSI Miami, Six Feet Under and numerous movies, including Planet Terror Grindhouse, The Guardian, The Dreamer, and Havoc to mention a few. Andy is respected for his care in training clients, motivational techniques and unrelenting commitment to elite physical conditioning.

Andy continues to set the example for his clients by maintaining his body at the highest level. His commitment to excellence is reflected through hard work in the gym, as well as his healthy lifestyle and dietary guidelines. His goal is to instill these philosophies into his clients lives. Andy challenges his clients to raise the bar and obtain the body and physical conditioning they have always desired.

Isn't it time you challenged yourself to achieve the physical appearance and conditioning you always desired. Let Andy Harlan help you to get that body, the body you have always wanted. Get ripped, get fit, with Andy and RIPFIT now.

From his basement in NJ to Venice Beach, California
Andy's been cuttin' up the competition on the East and West Coast!

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